Boun Lai Heua Fai | Light Boat Festival Ceremony in Luang Prabang

Light Boat Festival

Boun Lai Heua Fai in Luang Prabang

Step into the enchanting world of Luang Prabang’s Boun Lai Heua Fai, also known as Light Boat Festival Ceremony, where tradition and modern elegance dance harmoniously every October. Therefore, Sofitel Luang Prabang invites you to a captivating spectacle that promises to illuminate your heart and soul.


Light Boat Festival Ceremony

The Light Boat Festival, is a revered ceremony to seek blessings and good luck from the nagas (water spirits). Villages craft and adorn boats that gracefully parade through the town. As night falls, these boats are launched onto the river, set aflame as sacred offerings to the spirits. However, the floating flowers upon the river’s surface not only ward off misfortune but also express gratitude to the water spirits. The spectacle of boats, intricately constructed from bamboo and banana trunks and ornately decorated with candles and coins, is a sight unique to Luang Prabang.


Light Boat Festival Ceremony


Embrace Tradition and Illumination

Experience Luang Prabang’s Light Boat Festival with Sofitel Luang Prabang


Day 1: Illuminate Your Senses

Luang Prabang, under the festival’s spell, becomes a radiant wonderland. Streets gleam with vibrant
lights, casting mesmerizing patterns that accentuate the town’s historic temples. Moreover, Marvel at the seamless blend of age-old traditions and contemporary expressions.


Day 2: A Spiritual Awakening

Begin with the early morning Buddhist ritual of Sai Bat or Almsgiving in Luang Prabang. This spiritual
tradition unfolds right before the elegant 3 Nagas Luang Prabang MGallery. Post the ceremony, immerse
yourself in the day’s rhythm — a blend of serene preparations for the light boat ceremony and jovial
reunions. And the heart of the festivities pulsates along the Main Road by Mount Phou Si, teeming with
traditional décor, bustling market stalls, and eager visitors. Witness the intricate tapestry of Laotian
heritage unfurl amidst the backdrop of this UNESCO World Heritage town.


Day 3: A Parade of Dreams

The festival’s crescendo is the lantern boat parade on its concluding day. As dusk envelopes the horizon,
lantern boats radiate warmth, journeying from the Luang Prabang National Museum along the
Sisavangvong road, finally reaching Wat Xiengthong. This grand procession, best viewed from the 3
Nagas Luang Prabang MGallery is accompanied by locals, tourists, traditional artists, and craftsmen. The
lantern boats, with their vivid hues, strike a stunning juxtaposition against the majestic Mekong River’s


Loy Krathong Festival

Partake in the Loy Krathong festival, releasing your personal krathong onto the Mekong. This act
symbolizes offering gratitude to nature and letting go of worries. Witness the lanterns drift, carrying
aspirations to the starlit expanse above.

Sofitel Luang Prabang extends a warm invitation to partake in this unparalleled festivity, where Luang
Prabang’s essence shines through tradition, luminance, and the Mekong River’s allure. Revel with us in
the Light Boat Festival, epitomizing Luang Prabang’s eternal grace and splendor.



Illuminate Your Experience

At Sofitel Luang Prabang, we offer more than a stay; we present an opportunity to envelop oneself in this
cultural phenomenon.


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